The XpRience Thess Project develops a new innovative tourism product, that aims at the promotion of the Cultural Assets of Thessaloniki and their proper Tourism utilization while incorporating elements of the Creative Industry. The objectives of the Project are thoroughly described below:

Objective 1: The development of digital material in the sense of Extended reality that depicts, at least, 10 points of historical and cultural interest in every tour. With the aid of this material, visitors will have the experience of life in Thessaloniki during the previous century.

Objective 2: The generation of 3 fully featured cultural tourism packages, which will include the stories of different national communities, and illustrate the cultural mosaic of Thessaloniki in the previous century.

Objective 3: The digital depiction of 12 additional points of historical and cultural interest, 2 years after the end of the Project, taking into consideration that several monuments have already been depicted. This action will boost in many ways, not only Thessaloniki, but also the Businesses in the Tourism Sector, directly, medium, and long term.

Objective 4: The increase in tourist flow, taking under advisement the trends given by the traffic data of certain ethnic groups acting beneficially at the same time toward Businesses in the Tourism Sector.

Objective 5: The promotion of the cultural heritage of Thessaloniki in an exceptional way that will undoubtedly highlight other aspects of the city’s history, reinforcing the Tourism Sector, and emphasizing Sustainable Tourism.